10 ideas for optimizing storage in your bedroom

Today, we offer you 10 ideas to optimize storage in your rooms. As the years go by, objects accumulate and cupboards fill up.

The bedroom is our little personal universe. An almost sacred corner in which we rest, but also often work, read and spend our morning grace. In short, it is a place to live in and feel good. And that, well, it also involves putting things in order!

Since each room is a little multi-functional, we tend to add things up. There are the walls of frames and our memories that play a decorative role. But there are also piles of clothes, suitcases, cosmetics and anything else that’s overflowing from the drawers! Not to mention the office files we sometimes take home with us.

What is certain is that we often run out of space to store our things. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 ideas to make the most of your bedroom’s storage space.

Optimize storage around your bed for a peaceful sleep

Ever since we were kids, we’ve known the trick of the drawer bed. It is a bedroom element that has always had the magical function of transforming itself into the children’s room. So why give up this rich idea when you’re getting older! We suggest you go further to get the smartest and most optimized night corner in the world … That’s it!

The drawer bed: ideal to optimize the storage of young and old!

The best known solution is undoubtedly the drawer under the bed. When you’re little, it contains a collection of Lego, which is often gigantic. When you’re older, the drawer can hold your reading pillow or other clean bedding.

Hide your things with a storage bed

Now you can see the storage space under the bed getting bigger. And that’s good, because you can never have enough storage. And quite frankly, it’s even better when you can’t see them! So thank you IKEA, the king of the trunk bed. Indeed, with its MALM collection, the Swedish giant has completely democratized this trick to optimize storage in the bedroom. This huge storage space can reveal your shoe collection as well as your winter coats. After all, it’s up to you to see what you want to hide in it!

Opt for a headboard with storage space

This one can take on several appearances. But one thing is certain, one escapes the “just beautiful” to select a good design: aesthetic and functional at the same time. You’ll find what you need to hide your cables, arrange your books and decorate your bed!

Choose bedside tables that are as practical as they are beautiful.

It may seem simple, maybe even obvious. But it’s important to remember that bedside tables have their own little effect when it comes to storage. So choose them carefully!

Thinking vertically to optimize storage in the room

When the room is too small, there is no need to add thousands of small pieces of furniture. That would only make the situation worse. So, if you can’t take advantage of the floor space, you have to optimize the space on the walls and therefore, bet everything on the vertical! Wardrobes are often placed at a height of 1.60 m, which leaves plenty of room for one or two shelves.

In addition to the headboard, which contains a bookcase, a large shelf is added above it to hold books, and a few frames are added for decoration.

Optimize the storage of clothes in the bedroom to organize the space.

The corner wardrobe: your ally in putting every cm² to good use

The angles of the rooms are often poorly exploited. And when it comes to optimising space, every square centimetre has to be put to good use.

Optimize storage thanks to a basket shelf

In closets, stacks of T-shirts rarely reach the top shelf. Slipping a hanging basket into the top shelf gives you a small space to put your tights, bathing suits or even belts.

In fact, you may even decide to put this extra storage space on top of another piece of furniture to save extra storage space.

Add a shelf above the door

The idea is compatible with all rooms. Above the door, you can add a shelf on which you can place fabric baskets that hold your bed and bath linen.

An extra-flat walk-in wardrobe for maximum storage!

Just because your bedroom is narrow doesn’t mean that you won’t have plenty of storage space to organize your clothes. Nevertheless, you need to be clever and combine the advice given above. It is out of the question to opt for a small chest of drawers that does not take advantage of the height available in your room. Or even to choose the disproportionately large country wardrobe, which would block all traffic.

If your room is narrow, opt for a very narrow but very tall wardrobe. You won’t have a large wardrobe to hang your beautiful collection of suits, but a telescopic wardrobe will still be able to hold your 3-4 most beautiful dresses.

Use the walls!

Finally, to optimize the storage of the room, we strongly advise you to use the walls. With the help of beautiful shelves, you will be able to keep and even display your knick-knacks and other decorative objects!