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Custom-made furniture is always the most viable and effective alternative in terms of functionality and good taste. The installation of a customized walk-in closet is therefore no exception. 

Customizing your walk-in closet is a great way to add storage space and personal style to your home. It should be designed to suit your lifestyle, especially in cases where you work with limited space and absolutely must make the most of every inch of available space. 

A custom walk-in closet can help you organize your closet and showcase your closet in an impressive way. It provides an organized area for dressing and in some cases makeup as well. However, what makes them so popular and eligible in recent times is that it creates an intimate space of comfort and privacy. 

If you are thinking of adding a custom walk-in closet to your home, you should keep in mind that the size, shape and space of the room will directly influence the final design. Especially if aside from using the closet as a walk-in closet or dresser as a closet, you also want a personal area to which to add furniture or spaces in which to read, write a personal journal and more. 

Many people find them very relaxing and offer them the opportunity to enjoy a moment alone before work or an important event. 

At Idées Range we are experts in the elaboration of custom closets and furniture. For this reason we are sure that, if you share your ideas with us, we can turn that room next to your bedroom into the personalized walk-in closet you have always dreamed of. 

Therefore, we would like to present the main benefits of hiring our services. 

1. Keeps your room organized

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The most common cause of clutter in the bedroom is unsecured clothing or shoes. As these are frequently used items, we don’t always have the time and energy to put everything back in its place. Add to this a small space and sooner rather than later the room will be a mess. 

Custom walk-in closets are very useful in this regard, first, because they form a structure independent of the room and second, because they make the most of the loose or reduced space you have for this purpose.

You can buy storage bins to help you organize your closet into smaller segments. They are available in wood, fabric and even plastic, but to stay eco-friendly, we prefer those made of fabric or biodegradable materials. 

2. Fully customized design

If space is not an impediment for you, you are probably thinking about adapting an open concept dressing room. In them you can not only customize the color of the furniture or the distribution of the drawers. 

In custom dressing rooms you also have the freedom to choose a design in which you can display your favorite garments and thus give the appearance of a store or showcase. 

The key to success in designing a custom walk-in closet is knowing how to maintain good communication with your supplier. After all, he is the one who will be in charge of the dressing room material you have always wanted. 

3. Intelligent storage

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In addition to preserving your rooms much more organized and cleaner, investing in a custom walk-in closet is also a way to store smartly. 

Remember that you can always rely on other accessories, such as closet organizers, display shelves, jewelry or make-up storage spaces, etc. 

If you want to guarantee the integrity of your garments in the best possible way, this will undoubtedly be one of our favorite options. 

4. Better use of space

The custom option always guarantees maximum utilization of even the smallest space intended to become a custom walk-in closet. You don’t have to worry about ill-fitting, substandard or poor quality furniture. In addition to making the best use of the available resources, we guarantee that each of the resources we use at Idées Rangue will always be of the best quality on the market. This of course, in order to meet the individual needs of each buyer.

5. Value added to the property

Finally, a detail that few people talk about is that adding a custom walk-in closet can add to the value of a given property. This means that, if in the future you decide to sell the property and someone asks for an estimate of the net value, the final price will show a notable and profitable increase.

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Personalized walk-in closets are a reality at Idées Range! That’s why we offer you this and any of our customized services, we adjust to your budget! 

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