living room

The living room is one of the most important spaces in the house, the place where we gather with friends and family to share special moments. In order to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in this space, it is important to have a good organization. 

This is why installing a living room storage unit is an excellent idea. This will offer many advantages to any type of home. Small space storage will allow you to optimize every corner of the home and keep it uncluttered. While living room cabinets for large places will allow you to have easy access to items and maintain a good visual aesthetic. 

A living room storage unit can be adapted to any style of decoration. Depending on your taste, you can look for a design with minimalist shapes, colors and ornaments or, on the contrary, more extroverted details that stand out. 

Here are some reasons to install a living room storage unit.


A good living room storage unit is a practical way to organize accessories. To guarantee functionality, it must meet several characteristics. Most importantly, if it is custom-designed and made to measure, you will be able to meet all your specific needs. 

Now, it is ideal that the cabinet has a series of divisions in the compartments. This will allow you to store there objects of different sizes such as books, magazines, controllers, video games, etc. 

Finally, it is important that the furniture is sized appropriately for the space available, so that it is not too bulky or clutter the room.

Space utilization


There are several ways to make it easier to make the most of space with a living room storage unit:

  • Choose a piece of furniture with several compartments and shelves.
  • Use boxes and bags to keep small items in compartments more organized.
  • Select an open cabinet or one with sliding or sliding doors to prevent doors from becoming obstacles and taking up space.
  • Place the cabinet in a corner or on a wall that is not frequently used to make the most of the space.

On the other hand, you might consider taking advantage of vertical spaces. A living room storage unit that is designed to take advantage of floor-to-ceiling height is a more efficient and practical solution than a traditional piece of furniture. 

The main advantage is that no extra boxes or furniture will be needed to take up other space in the room. The upper parts can function as drawers to store things that are not normally used. 

Also, by being higher up and in well-organized boxes, you avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt that tends to be especially close to the floors. Of course, it is important to disinfect the surfaces, but you will notice that the maintenance of the accessories will be easier since they will not be so exposed. 

In addition, tall storage furniture can look more elegant and sophisticated, and add a touch of style to the living room decor. 

Add style

modern living room

In addition, you can take advantage of the installation of a living room storage unit to give it an attractive design that integrates well with the style of the rest of the house. It can be made of wood or metal, for example, but it must be sturdy and durable.

To achieve this, one possibility is modular furniture. This is a piece of furniture made up of individual modules that can be combined and adjusted to the user’s needs. Each module can have a specific function and these can vary, so it is ideal if in the future the needs change or more objects are added to the home.

In addition, modular furniture is often very versatile and can be used for different purposes. Some not only function as storage furniture in the living room, but can also occasionally be converted into coffee tables.

Time savings

A living room storage unit is an ideal solution to save time organizing and searching for objects. By having all the objects in one place, it reduces the time spent fetching objects from different parts of the house. 

In addition, with a storage cabinet you can group items by category. This is not only ideal for easy organization; a living room storage unit is a way to make the place look more attractive, as you won’t have to resort to separate shelves or boxes that can be unsightly or take up too much space. 

If these kinds of details catch your attention and you want to start implementing them in the interior design of your home, the services and products of Les Rangements Idées-Range are at your disposal.