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The closet is one of the most important areas in the bedroom. Depending on the space, it can contain storage sections, hinged or sliding doors and compartments for storing valuable belongings. 

Its main function is to contain, store and maintain your clothing, footwear and jewelry in excellent condition. This is possible thanks to its insulation capacity, which protects your clothing from direct contact with various environmental factors that can prematurely damage the garments. 

However, not all of us have the space to install a multi-level closet that takes up an entire room and contains a walk-in. In such situations, installing and storing small closets becomes a viable, practical and effective option. 

For many, this may not be the first or favorite alternative. However, by knowing how to allocate space wisely, small closet storage can be the most beneficial option for your home. 

Now, to make this process easier, below, we want to introduce you to some of our best closet storage ideas

Let ‘s get started! 

1. Choose customized cabinets

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If we have to choose the best idea to enhance the storage of small closets, the winner would be focused on a good choice of cabinets. For this, custom cabinets are the best solution to your space problems. 

By choosing a customized closet you can make better use of space, in addition to having greater ease of cleaning, the ability to meet your specific needs, specific organizational spaces and, above all, prices according to your budget. 

2. Think vertical

To maximize closet space, thinking vertically allows you to save space on the sides. Store less-used items on the top shelves, leaving the lower levels free for frequently used items. 

If you have limited space, consider purchasing a stool or closet organizer. Closed containers are great for storing items, so invest in labels.

3. Find the ideal way to organize your clothes

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Not all clothes are placed in the same way inside the closet. In fact, it is not the same to organize shirts for work, casual or denim pants. 

To do this another idea for small closet storage, is to learn to arrange clothes in a smart way, using hangers for coats and shirts, while shirts and jeans can go folded on modular type shelves. 

Learning how to fold clothes correctly is essential to save space in the closet

4. Suitably sized hangers

Although it is almost imperceptible, one of the biggest mistakes in storage is choosing hangers of inadequate sizes. In fact, it is so common that many times, despite noticing this small mistake at some point, we prefer to continue using the hangers we already have instead of buying new ones. 

Not that it’s wrong, but keep in mind that using hangers larger than the size of your closet could warp the wood of your closet and even compromise the integrity of your clothing. 

So this small closet storage idea is all about choosing the right size, not only to keep your clothes in good condition, but also to extend the life of your custom-made piece of furniture.

5. Use organizer baskets

In recent times, one of the most popular small closet storage ideas is the use of small fabric baskets inside each segment. This allows us to have smaller sections to organize smaller items.

In them you can place underwear, perfumes, jewelry and even clothes.

6. Have a space for your shoes.

Another idea for the storage of small closets that will also allow you to keep your favorite clothes in excellent condition, is to place the shoes inside the closet. But what exactly do we mean? 

After properly cleaning and disinfecting the shoes, you can put them back in their respective dust cover or, failing that, the corresponding box. In this way you can not only store all your shoes, but also prevent them from being damaged by not taking proper care of them.  

7. Continuous debugging

Our last idea for small closet storage is to continually purge your closet. Take out the clothes you no longer wear and you’ll have more space to make new purchases or simply rearrange what you already have. 

Implement the best ideas for small closet storage 

Now that you know our recommendations, we hope you will soon have the opportunity to put them into practice. If you still don’t have a customized closet or the one you have doesn’t satisfy you, don’t wait any longer and contact us to acquire one. 

With perseverance and dedication, you will soon become an excellent closet organizer

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