Finding the ideal storage method for a small office is often a real challenge. Even more so, when we try to make this process include elements of differentiation with respect to other coworkers or simply a more optimal management of the space we have at our disposal. 

However, although it may be difficult to organize the storage space for a small office, having the keys to do so makes a clear and noticeable difference both in terms of aesthetics and design, as well as in terms of intelligent organization. 

It is increasingly common to find furniture that has more than one function, that is hidden and above all that keeps our workspaces well organized and updated according to the requirements needed in the work environment. However, the important thing is to know how to identify which is ideal for the space we have and of course, how easy it is to identify our personality in it. 

On the other hand, we cannot leave aside those who practice teleworking. For those who have installed their offices in small spaces at home, finding furniture to optimize the space and make it look more professional is undoubtedly essential. 

Therefore, taking into account all of the above, today we wanted to make a selection of our best storage ideas for a small office

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1. Use vertical shelves

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The vertical furniture is undoubtedly one of the great allies for small offices. Instead of using ostentatious horizontal furniture, which has to occupy much of the space, do not let us put anything else and also saturate its background in virtual meetings, a vertical furniture can be a good solution. 

To ensure storage for a perfect small office, try to choose those shelves or furniture with open spaces, where you can place decorations, tittles, books and so on, while lockable drawers can be used to store important content. 

2. Place custom-made cabinets

For vertical storage (or whatever you choose) to be truly successful, you need to get your hands on this second, most important aspect of all: buy custom office cabinets

It may seem the most obvious choice, since the great benefit of custom-made furniture is that the space will be used in the most optimal way possible. 

Best of all, unlike prefabricated furniture, custom furniture can be customized. This is not only in order to choose designs or alternatives that are in tune with the rest of the house design, but also to make use of more resistant materials that will last for years and in perfect conditions. 

3. Modules instead of drawers

Did you know that modular storage for a small office has become a favorite? Choosing modules instead of drawers is an excellent option to install inside small spaces, especially because it gives us the possibility of having more accessible and easy to organize spaces.

You never have to misplace your important documents again! Arranging books and analog record files in modules will allow you to have access to the information in each document, without spending long hours searching for it.

4. Intelligently distribute your files

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Now, the advice should not only be focused on the furniture you decide to buy or customize according to your taste and needs. The most eligible option is always filing cabinets. 

This storage system, usually made of metal, is perfect for small offices. The reason? In this type of furniture it is easier to catalog and distribute our documents or files, in addition to protecting them.  

Paper stored in this manner is very susceptible to damage from a variety of factors and we certainly do not want to lose unique records that, for personal or company reasons, you have decided to keep in analog. 

As a storage method for a small office it is more than convenient, both in a company office and in a home office. 

5. Install lockers for your belongings

In closing, assuming your business is run the traditional way and not from home, an amazing way for storage for a small office is to install lockers to store your belongings during the workday. 

Your employees will have to forget about constantly arranging their personal belongings on the desk or on the side of it, since each one will have their own space in the office to store them. In addition, this method is extremely secure, since each of them will have a unique access. 

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