The living room, the centerpiece of your home, is often the stage for moments of relaxation and conviviality. At the heart of this living space, TV stands play an essential role, combining functionality and aesthetics. A true reflection of your personality, it must be chosen with care to blend harmoniously with your décor. Over the years, design trends in tv furniture have evolved, offering a multitude of possibilities to enhance your interior. From sleek minimalist style to the retro charm of the 50s, from the robustness of industrial style to the softness of Scandinavian, there’s something for everyone!

Trendy tv furniture styles

Are you looking to freshen up your living room? The choice of tv furniture can make all the difference! Let’s discover together the trendy styles that will give your interior a touch of elegance and personality.

The Minimalist and Streamlined Style

Minimalism is the key word of this timeless style. Opt for a tv furniture with clean and geometric lines, which will blend harmoniously with your decor. The advantages? A modern and discreet look that showcases your screen and brings a sense of space to your living room. In terms of materials, white, black and neutral shades are a must, with a preference for light wood or metal. Among the preferred materials for a minimalist tv furniture, we find light wood, such as oak or ash, which brings a touch of warmth and softness to the whole.

The Industrial Style

An industrial tv furniture fits perfectly in a loft or workshop-style interior, where raw materials and reclaimed elements are highlighted. Combined with metal shelves, hanging lamps and vintage accessories, your industrial tv furniture  will become the centerpiece of your living room. The advantage of the industrial style lies in its versatility.

The scandinavian style

The main asset of the Scandinavian style lies in its timelessness. With its simple shapes and natural materials, your tv furniture  will stand the test of time without aging. Moreover, this style easily adapts to all types of interiors, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

The retro or vintage style

The retro or vintage style is ideal for bringing a touch of timeless elegance to your interior. Opt for a tv furniture with rounded and generous shapes, inspired by the 50s and 70s. Noble materials, such as solid wood, brass or velvet, will be your best allies to create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere. With its curved lines and neat finishes, your vintage tv furniture will go through decades without losing its shine. Moreover, this style allows for many bold associations, such as the combination of vintage with more contemporary elements for a unique and personal result.

How to choose the ideal tv furniture for your interior?

Now that you know the different trendy tv furniture styles, it’s time to take action and choose the one that will enhance your interior. Where to start? At Idées Range, we offer some tips to help you make the right choice.

  • First, consider the dimensions of your living room and the space available for your TV stand.
  • Choose a model with drawers, niches or shelves. If you prefer a streamlined look, a simple low cabinet with a shelf will suffice.
  • Don’t hesitate to play with materials and colors to create a coherent and personalized ensemble.

By following these few tips, you will easily find the ideal tv furniture for your interior. A centerpiece that will meet all your aesthetic and functional needs, for unforgettable moments of relaxation and conviviality with family or friends.

Trust in our materials

At Idées Range, we place great importance on the quality and reliability of the materials we use to design our tv furniture. We know that your stand will be the centerpiece of your living room, the one that will attract all eyes and will have to stand the test of time. That’s why we select with the utmost care each of the materials that make up our products.