Looking for wall beds in Laval? Imagine you’re about to move and can’t keep all your furniture or simply want to completely revamp your style. If for you, as for us, the issue of making the most of every little space is a must, maybe the smart furniture option is for you. 

Smart furniture is a growing trend that refers to those decorative and at the same time functional pieces that are part of the home, which fulfill multiple functions and seek to facilitate the execution of many tasks of daily life. 

With the installation of smart furniture, we guarantee that you will not only have more space, but also greater durability and functionality. In terms of optimization, smart furniture in the kitchen, living room or bedroom become key pieces in the quest to achieve the style of your dreams, without sacrificing storage space

It is precisely in this sense that the issue of space and storage can become somewhat conflicting. For this there are incredible solutions, which can mark a before and after in the way you organize and optimize every space in your home. For this particular case, we want to talk about wall beds.

Buying wall beds in Laval can become the solution you were looking for for those rooms where the extension is reduced or you simply want to give a double use. 

To learn the top five benefits of installing one in your home, pay attention to the following information. 

1. Multipurpose rooms

Can you imagine having a second living room that can also become the perfect guest room? With wall beds in Laval, it’s possible. 

As the wall bed is a structure that is anchored to the wall, when you want to use it as a living room, it is enough to remove the locks and hide it in the wall or furniture that functions as a support. In this way it becomes one more element of the room, of which no one would suspect that it hides a double function. 

This is how we guarantee more space, without the need to sacrifice the original layout of the rest of the house. 

If your new home is small, a wall bed will allow you to remain elegant and sophisticated, even as the room changes function.  

2. Take shortcuts

Wall beds in Laval can also be an ally if your morning routine is usually very hectic. If you don’t have time to make the bed that particular morning, a couple of movements of the furniture will be enough to remove all traces of clutter. 

It is a small trap that can be very useful for those rushed mornings or in case there are unexpected visitors, to observe all your space completely clean and organized. 

3. Extra storage space

Something you probably didn’t know is that many of the wall beds in Laval have a third function: storage. 

How is this possible? In the base or bed base of these wall beds, there is often an interior space in which you can organize and store different items, to hide them from everyone’s view or simply not know where to place them. 

No one would look under the mattress! And even less so if they don’t suspect that the bed is hidden in the middle of the wall or inside what appears to be just another piece of furniture in their room. 

Store small, medium or large items in this space and improve your organization quickly and easily

4. Turn a wall-mounted bed into a decorative element

Is it possible to turn the bed base into a decorative element? With wall beds, of course it is possible. 

In fact, one of the main reasons people choose to use a wall bed in Laval is precisely because of their ability to go unnoticed. 

When anchored to the wall, you can turn the wall bed into part of a modular shelving unit. If you have special photographs, personal items or collectibles, shelving type furniture can be perfect to match the rest of the decor. 

Also, the bed base can contain on the back some decorations that are anchored to the base. These must of course respect the colorimetry, theme and so on. This in order to achieve a harmonious and aesthetically appealing appearance

5. You choose the measures

bed with blue pillow

If you are looking for a wall bed in Laval, our recommendation is to look for a company like ours. At Idées Range you can choose to work with custom sizes and thus have wall beds for every need. 

In this way you will enjoy completely modern rooms customized to you and your personal tastes. 

You dream it and we create it! 

The best wall beds in Laval

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